Who Is Bully.dogs:
I'm Jesse R. Booker owner / trainer of Bully.dogs. My experience as a self-educated Pit Bull trainer expands over twenty five plus years, seventeen professionally training and all of which has come from real hands-on world scenario experience. My training career didn't  start out like most and certainly not for the right reasons. In 1982 I was sixteen and the popularity of Pit Bulls was just growing when I was involved in underground dog fighting. Yes I'm sorry to say that I didn't always have the respect for dogs  that I do now. Caught, I was mandated to go through therapy and work with animals, and was sent off to live on a family friend's horse ranch to work with his horses, and as they say, the rest is history. That experience changed my life and my admiration for all animals grew, especially for Pit Bull breed and the course of my life was set...
My working counterintuitive style of training stems from all my past trial and errors of working with Pit Bulls and how I've learned to do what I do now. I'm a professional dog trainer not a expert. To me an expert implys that one knows all there is to know about dogs. Dogs are a whole other species that we will never truly learn everything there is to know about. I continue to study K9 behavior and will alwys stay open to all training methods.
The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.
- Mark twain

A Word On Dog Training:

Dog training has never be more popular then it is today with the success of Cesar Millan's "The Dog Whisperer" Everyone is posting training video's on YouTube and social media to see if they will be the next big thing in dog training. Becoming a pseudo celebrity is not my thing. I want to help Pit Bulls and their owners with infomation that increases the chances of training susccess instead of setting up a dog for failure. Unfortunately a lot of bad information about the breed is all ready out there. Dog training is not something that can be taught from a video or thoroughly in a classroom in just a few months, It takes years to learn. I'm no "Dog Whisperer" by any means and there can only be one and thats Mr. Millan. He has his way of training and I have mine...

How I Help :

Throughout the years I've worked with adoption organizations and shelters. I've been able to help dogs get a second chance at life after they have been put into quarantine for multiple bites. I've also collaborated services with the (LAACF) Latino Alliance for Animal Care Foundation to help educate the low-income communities on Pit Bull ownership.